“Antalya Diplomacy Forum” will be launched as an annual high-level gathering of professionals that deal with diplomacy as political leaders, diplomats, opinion makers or academics. It will be a two days event that will present an excellent platform for regional and global actors from the spheres of diplomacy, policy, and business to exchange ideas and address international challenges through a number of panels, meetings, interviews.

The theme of the first edition of the “Antalya Diplomacy Forum” is “Diplomacy in the Digital Age”. Diplomacy remains the core method of communication among leaders and states. However, digitalization is changing our communication and interaction methods in a fundamental way. There is a whole set of other structural and systemic changes in the international environment that the diplomacy profession should respond.

On the other hand, during the break out meetings the distinguished panelists and the key-note speakers will focus on issues that have global and regional impact.


The Forum will focus on these major themes:

  • The role of diplomacy in solving international problems
  • The impact of the new technologies on diplomacy
  • The issues that have global and regional impact

While dealing with these themes;

  • “Antalya Diplomacy Forum” aims to bring added value by being innovative and emphasizing a culture that is conducive to thinking outside the box but all in a bid to exercise the art of the possible.
  • It will search for accuracy at a time of post-truth; cooperative thinking at a time of doing it alone; and vision when short term thinking seems attractive.
  • It will address shared challenges by stimulating debate and promoting new ideas at international level.


The Forum will be held in a beautiful Antalya resort on the coast of Mediterranean. It is a region which is as old as diplomacy. For many centuries, this never aging province has been living in peace and prosperity, as it keenly observes and is influenced by the world around it.

With its peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in early Spring, Antalya will be a perfect venue for reflexion and deliberation as well as for open and vigorous debates and discussions.